New technology to feed a growing population

Dr Sonny Ramaswamy, the director of the USDA's National Institute of Food and Agriculture, discusses the new technologies and approaches to agriculture and food production that will be required to feed a growing global population.

The big picture for agriculture

Charles Schleusner, manager of product marketing and strategy at John Deere, discusses how technology will affect the future of farming.


We are pleased to announce that University of Melbourne, Master of Agribusiness student, Timothy Smith has been chosen as the winner for the Soil, Big Data and Future of Agriculture Competition!

Farming smarter with big data

The United States is years ahead of Australia on key issues of agricultural productivity like farm data security and privacy. Director of the Centre's Soil Carbon Initiative Andrea Koch discusses the convergence of soil and big data.

Soil and Big Data Conference Competition

Entries are have now closed for the Soil, Big Data and the Future of Agriculture competition. The winner will be announced on Thursday 18 June, 2015.

When Big Data in Agriculture became ‘a thing’

Andrea Koch explores the origin and progress of big data analytics in agriculture. It could be argued that big data analytics in agriculture is...

Where it all began...

The story of the inspiration behind the Soil, Big Data and the Future of Agriculture conference. Andrea Koch, Soil Policy Specialist and Event Director...

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