The Key to Farming’s Future Lies in Information

In an article published in the Sydney Morning Herald, Andrea Koch and Alex McBratney outline the perils of competing in agricultural commodity markets and suggest how digital differentiation can help increase farm profits.

There has been growing optimism in Australia's agriculture sector in the past few years, with fast-growing Asian markets and new free trade agreements promising big increases in exports of food and fibre. As mining slows down, agriculture is being seen as the big growth industry. But as the dairy industry is discovering, simply ramping up production won't necessarily produce the right returns for farmers.

Crossing the Chasm to Create a New Agritech Ecosystem

Andrea Koch joined other agritech leaders at the Everything IoT – AgriTech Forum 2016, on the 14th of July . She described the chasm between the innovators in the urban world and innovators in the rural world, and why it is important that the chasm be crossed in order to create a vibrant new agritech ecosystem.

Why $1 milk wont take us from mining boom to dining boom

Andrea Koch and Alex McBratney team up to explain why Austalia needs a rethink on agricultural commodities. Click here to read more.

New technology to benefit Aussie farmers

Australian agriculture is heading towards an exciting future as farmers opt for new technologies.

The dirt on soil data

Mattthew Cawood, The Land, provides a summary of the Soil, Big Data and Future of Agriculture Conference.

Satellite technology will map soil moisture and help

Professor of soil science Alex McBratney says Australia's "clapped out" soils could receive a radical lift in production. He made the case for a greater emphasis on soil moisture research technology at the Soil, Big Data, and the Future of Agriculture conference.

Data from the dirt means soils ain’t simply soils

The ability to collect, combine, and analyse massive amounts of electronic data about the nation’s farms is already afoot in the United States. But the Centre-sponsored Soil and Big Data conference heard that the adoption...

Producing food better and more efficiently

United States Department of Agriculture National Institute of Food and Agriculture director Sonny Ramaswamy, who presented at the Soil, Big Data, and the Future of Agriculture conference, says retailers and consumers must change the way they think about the food production.

Technical farming meets inland rail

Australia's Minister for Agriculture Barnaby Joyce opened the Centre's Soil, Big Data, and the Future of Agriculture, which aims to promote the application of recent computer software analysing production data — "big data" — in agricultural soil management.

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