Ignatius Verbeek


Ignatius Verbeek

Operations Manager, Carbon Link Ltd

Ignatius is Operations Manager at Carbon Link Ltd, a company focused on measuring and trading landscape carbon abatement with particular emphasis on soil carbon.

Ignatius is an engineer with a diverse background in engineering, environmental management and greenhouse and materials accounting. He has worked both in government and as an independent consultant in the industrial, commercial building, residential and agricultural sectors.

Over the past several years Ignatius’s focus has been on making soil carbon trading a reality. This has involved overcoming many barriers. Ignatius was a member of the stakeholder reference group that led to the drafting of the only currently approved soil carbon methodology and is currently working on major improvements. Ignatius is currently developing commercially available cost effective systems to measure soil carbon at depth across tens of millions of hectares both in Australia and overseas.

Carbon Link were one of a group of companies including Corporate Carbon and RAF that won one of the biggest bids it the recent ERF auction to deliver 3.5 million tonnes of carbon credits. Ignatius is now working with an aggregation of over 350 farmers covering 3.8 million hectares to deliver on this contract.